pixelpusher - web design services based in Reading, Berkshire
Bennett Residentail website
An XHTML and CSS standards compliant website created for Bennett Residential. The sites main aims are to showcase their services and to generate contacts for the company whether via phone calls or email forms.
Brendan Neiland'sl website
A website featuring news and painting and print galleries showcasing Brendan Neiland's work.
Used Kit Direct website
The UKD content managaged XHTML / CSS website allows easy upload of new product details and imagery. The site features a CMS, dynamic sorting of products, subscription to an email alerts service and in page image overlays.
Collin's and Hayes Animation
A Flash based animation that loops a series of photos and straplines with a stylish transition.
Flash Globe Navigator
An interactive Flash tool developed to provide a way to display case studies that relate to different parts of the world.
2R Art Website
A website designed and developed for 2R Art allowing them to showcase their services and artists using an interactive Flash image gallery.
Ecard Flash Animation 2
A Flash animated Christmas card produced for Purestone featuring a drunk santa! The end of the animation sees personalised 'to and from' details.
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Event Sound Website
A simple HTML / CSS website designed and developed for Event Sound allowing them to showcase their services and generate new clients. Includes an animated Flash logo.
Ecard Flash Animation 1
A Flash animation which relies heavily on audio and imagery and is used to introduce a Motorola project offline.
Olive Creative Website
A HTML / CSS website developed for Olive allowing them to showcase their services and portfolio and generate new clients. Features tabbed sections and javascript scrolling text.
Ecard Flash Animation 3
A drag and drop based interactive Flash tool which allows the user to discover environmental information about items located around their house.
Student Reward website
Pat My Back is an online student recognition programme which allows parent, teachers and schools to effect long-term positive change in students' motivation, effort and behaviour by acknowledging positive achievement through rewards.
Olive Creative Website
A full screen offline Flash animation for Vodafone 'High Value Flyers'
skills & services
Pixel Pusher can scope, design and develop...
  • XHTML / CSS websites
  • Content Managed Sites
  • Flash sites / Dynamic Sites / Animations
  • Interactive Flash games and viral promotions
  • Banners
  • CD ROMs / Presentations
Pixel Pusher are experts in the following areas…
(if we don't say so ourselves!)
  • Site design and useability
  • Photoshop / Illustrator
  • Flash / ActionScript
  • PHP / ASPX / .net
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